Gary Vaynerchuk – Angel Investor and VaynerMedia CEO


Gary Vaynerchuk is a diversely experienced entrepreneur in New York City, where he leads several media and marketing companies. The chairman of communications holding firm VaynerX, he also maintains an active role as CEO of VaynerMedia. As head of this digital agency, Gary Vaynerchuk works hand-in-hand with Fortune 100 clients to deliver marketing and branding solutions. He also oversees VaynerSports, an agency that represents athletes in all aspects of their careers.

Over the years, Mr. Vaynerchuk has emerged as a successful public speaker and online personality, with years of experience producing YouTube content and his widely popular podcast, The GaryVee Audio Experience. His work in this realm enabled him to forge connections with prolific investors and influenced his decision to become an angel investor. After making early stakes in such companies as Tumblr and Facebook, Mr. Vaynerchuk co-established an early-stage investment fund worth $25 million. Of the fund’s 30+ investments, he is actively working with two businesses in the incubation stage.